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South Yorkshire
United Kingdom

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Hello and welcome!

Thank you for an opportunity to share my love of yoga with you.

A bit about me

Based in Sheffield, I have been practicing yoga since 1984, first qualifying as an Iyengar yoga teacher in 1991.

Like many of us I came to yoga hoping to become stronger, more relaxed and flexible. From the outset I loved the way practice seemed to make me two inches taller, lift my spirits and point me to an inner stillness.

For most of these years I combined my yoga teaching with other work in social care, early years, quality and training and bringing up a family. In 2010 we went to live in the beautiful city of Budapest, Hungary where I continued teaching some yoga both to groups and individuals.

Over the years yoga has proved to be a true friend. At different times it has provided me with a place of balance, stability and safety; a place for un-doing tension; a means for integrating body, mind and breath; a way of opening the heart, glimpsing joy and inner stillness; a place for learning and growth; a place for development, reflection, creativity and challenge and helping me respond to life’s inevitable obstacles.

Since coming back to the UK I have been teaching at the Sheffield Yoga Centre, at the Stillpoint Centre, Nether Edge and also in my yoga-space at home where I can deliver one-to-one yoga and small group classes.

Ultimately my intention is for every student to leave the class feeling better uplifted and empowered , integrated, more collected, centred, at ease, at one.

Happy yoga!

Testimonial from a recent student

Helen is a natural teacher and provides a caring and calm environment in which to develop yoga practice. Helen guides you through the postures with gentle assertiveness working to the strengths of the group and encouraging individuals to work within their own limits and remain safe.

Helen's warmth, wit and knowledge creates a calm and relaxed environment. She adjusts postures according to individual needs and her approachable style enables participants to actively seek clarification and guidance throughout as necessary.

Helen's class opened up my understanding of how yoga can help me to manage and improve my back problems. I feel I have a toolkit of techniques to help me when I have a flare up of back pain, but also postures for daily practice to improve and maintain my flexibility and strength.

Every week I left Helen's class feeling calmer, more supple and looking forward to the next session.

Sarah J


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