Clemens Frede

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Clemens teaches Yoga in Hamburg. He has been trained at Airyoga Munich and also completed the Anusara teacher training. He is also training in Embodied Flow™ Yoga.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

3 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
No class follows a routine

An inspiring teacher who turns everyday experiences into concepts. A feeling, a song or any news or impression can deliver an idea for his classes of which none is like the other. Clemens provides careful and precise adjustments, a creative asana practice and inspiring thoughts to take home with you. Lovely.

Clemens FredeApril 6, 2014

Andru - thank you for the compliment. There's no point in studying yoga, if we can't apply it to life. I feel very honored and grateful for having you in my classes.

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very open minded teacher

Clemens always finds a way to open your mind during his classes and the best is playing the harmonium before and afterwards :0). OM SHANTI :0)

Clemens FredeApril 6, 2014
thank you.

thank you, Sabine. I'm practicing new songs...

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Clemens is the real deal

I have been training with Clemens for the past years and even followed him to a new studio. What I really like about him is his hands-on, practical approach. I can always relate to what he is saying, it is spiritual but still down-to-earth. His instructions are precise yet he leaves room for me to explore and find my own style. He always finds a beautiful balance between playfulness and seriousness. He is a wonderful human being with a great sense of humor and a passion for teaching. I highly recommend him as a teacher.

Clemens FredeApril 6, 2014
thank you!

Thank you, Britta, for coming to my classes and bringing your wonderfully uplifting and cheerful attitude. Classes with you are always a pleasure.