Cleo Fagan

Skerries Co Dublin

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I have been practicing and enjoying yoga for sixteen years now but only began to get more deeply into it in the last five years or so. Initially I started practicing yoga to release tension and stress in my life (which it did). I then noticed the affect it had it in giving me a sense of well-being and calm. Over more recent years it has become a bigger part of my life and I have noticed the effects deepening.

In 2011 I graduated from the Samadhi teacher training programme with Greg Walsh and Nikki Cousins. I have tried various styles but have been continually drawn to the variety and sense of focus and flow I have found in practicing with teachers in the Vinyasa style. In yoga I alternately love dynamic and strength-building poses as well as nurturing, calming restorative poses. I am really enjoying learning more about yoga and through yoga and being able to explore the practice with my students.


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