Cloudia Vardon

United Kingdom

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I trainned in Rishikesh the home of Yoga 500hr teacher training in India, and completed my training in April 2018, and trained in the Vedic and Tantric Himalayan tradition, Transcendental wisdom, Sattva Yoga, Kriya, Naad, (sound) Himalayan Kundalini, Chi and Laya movements, Yin, Hatha Vinyasa, Sattva Meditation, Mantra and partner work (Phew!)

After ten years of having various Yoga teachers from different traditions tell me to teach, I began to take it seriously. Michael Ely, a UK Bikram Yoga Champion, Dom Emly and who invited me too advanced practice with the teachers. Dylan Ayaloo a Power Yoga teacher, and Paul Dobson a Vinyasa and Bikram Teacher (who pushed me hard as he thought I was a former dancer! Thank you Paul!)

I'd been very busy working as a Visual Merchandiser for one of the UK's high end department stores, John Lewis, also running a conscious fashion brand, also opening a shop at Pop Brixton, and I contracted Bell’s Palsy Paralysis whilst preparing to do a Ted Talk in London. I made an exceptionally quick recovery attributed to Yoga and meditation, and after cutting down on work, I made time to learn to teach, and share Yoga with others for Well-being.


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