Colleen Cuomo

Plymouth, MA
United States

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Although I have been practicing yoga for over 20 years, a major life shift 4 years ago had me seeking the solace of my mat - practicing gave me strength at a time when I could have just as easily locked the world out. Instead - I let it in. With the help of a few very inspiring teachers and loving friends I realize now that what I first perceived as devastation was really a gift of self discovery. I have been a 200ryt for 2 years, and am on my way to becoming a 500ryt. I teach everything from gentle yoga to power yoga. My favorite classes are ones that let us play with gently finding the edge of our comfort and maybe stepping out of that zone - even just for one breath. I know that while asana is vital to any yoga practice, mindfulness takes yoga to a higher level. And when we step off our mats - that's when the real magic of yoga begins. If I can help even one other person to find their own inner peace, my job is well done.

I am also a MA certified horse back riding instructor with over 35 years of horse experience - I love incorporating yoga into my life with horses!


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