Constanza Yoga and Dance


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Constanza Rendon Garcia is an artist, well-being and education specialist with over 10 years’ experience of teaching and encouraging learning through creativity, movement and self-expression. Born and brought up in Colombia to later adopt the United Kingdom as her temporary home for over 14 years. She first specialised in Psychology and Sociology (University Degree Level), to later become an Education Specialist (PGCE) and a Yoga Teacher (RYT200), while taking training and practicing different artistic forms, dance styles, drama and yoga.

She is passionate about working with people from all backgrounds, Yoga, Dance, creativity and anything that will bring individuals back to a balanced state of being. After becoming overwhelmed by stress and anxiety she decided to make radical changes to her lifestyle, leading her to settle down in Lagos, Portugal to create Bodhi Room. Since she has lived the endless positive effects of arts, dance, yoga and meditation, she now wishes to share them with the world, motivating her to open her studio space and give others the opportunity to be creative and have a balanced body-mind connection.


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