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Melbourne VIC
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A qualified Yoga teacher, Myotherapist & Remedial massage therapist, stretch therapist, & Level 1 iRest teacher in training. With various post grad studies in Teaching Meditation, Yin Yoga, Advanced Vinyasa Flow (Power Living Australia), kids yoga, pre-natal yoga, progressive yoga relaxation & yoga nidra. I came to yoga in a state where I felt utterly but the continuous journey to 'yoga'... to to integration allows me daily to feel a state of peace and even if only for a fleeting Peace can be attained in each moment.

I have had over 25 years experience in different body-work & body awareness disciplines. From gymnastics, acrobatics, tap-dancing, commercial dance, acting, performance and more. Moving my body, whether consciously or unconsciously has always been a part of my life and at the core of all this was the need for inner peace and a greater awareness to the inner turmoil I was experiencing.

Afflicted with anxiety & depression periodically throughout my first 25 years, I constantly pushed myself to find ways to help alleviate what I thought was a natural state of being (for everyone!).

As testing as it was throughout this time, it urged me and drove me harder to search for the way out of these ‘pot-holes’ I seemed to drive into along the journey of life.

I kept asking “How and why had this happened?”
and “How do I stop this happening again?”

The search eventually led to Yoga.

Attending different styles of yoga classes made me feel better about myself. Moving my body & focusing on my breath gave me a calmness of mind, slowing down the endless mind chatter and self-analysis which led to self-criticism. I was a student of Ashtanga yoga for many years, it, being my entre into the formal Yoga world, allowed me to explore the creativity of dance, the flexibility & strength of gymnastics & the body awareness of acrobatics. I eventually signed up to do my teacher training in an holistic hatha yoga style.

Further study into hypnosis, relaxation, meditation and more revealed that:
We all wobble now and then, but taking quiet time for self & tuning into the body we are able to understand our intrinsic needs more clearly.

Everyone needs different disciplines and various habits to keep them balanced and online. It is the search & discovery of what resonates with each of us, that makes life the exciting journey. Self-compassion and acceptance of our internal critics is one of the biggest gifts we can give ourself.

Today I teach in specialised areas;
- Drug & Alcohol withdrawal units for both adults & teenagers which include withdrawal programmes, & assisting those who have withdrawn from their substance & are on the path of recovery.
- Juvenile detention centre for teens
- Other welfare areas for young kids in need

I teach public classes too (check out my website for more details) as well as corporate classes across Melbourne.

My post graduate education includes more bodywork areas - Yin Yoga, Stretch therapy, Myotherapy study, Dr Joe Dispenza workshops, iRest Level 2 (yoga nidra) training & certification with Richard Miller and


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

2 Reviews

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