Corina Bautista

Las Vegas, NV
United States

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With a background in Immigration Law, Family Law and development studies, Corina’s approach to yoga is one that honors the need for individual self‐development with the aim of improving their physical and mental health.

Corina’s introduction to yoga and meditation began back in 2006 in her home town of Bucharest, Romania. That began a love affair with yoga and meditation practices that’s only grown deeper through the years. After her permanent relocation to the U S her passion and curiosity, in the development of these practices with the help of great teachers such as Cosmin Mahadev Singh and Angelica Govaert and the strong influence of the teachings of BKS Iyengar and Yogi Bhajan led her to the path of sharing her passion.

The combination of poses, breathing exercises and meditation techniques provide the ideal setting to explore your personal experience within yourself. Corina shares her classes with her students as a journey to the heart, surrendering to a higher vibration & enabling them to practice to their own level of ability.
Corina’s dynamic yet soft presence, enthusiasm, intensity, and humor, coupled with her softness, and sensitivity lead you through a practice that is genuine, personally rewarding, and well‐rounded in every aspect. No class is the same, but the commitment between Corina and her students always is:
Be The Love That You Are!

Corina’s Personal Mission Statement: “It is my mission to live a joyous life with integrity, honesty, compassion, laughter and unconditional love; To never lose sight of what is most important; And to try my best to make the world a more beautiful and peaceful place by helping others discover themselves through yoga and meditation”.


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