Corrie Mathiowetz

Washington, DC
United States

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Corrie is therapist, teacher, mentor and coach to her core. She loves sharing the insights and inspirations that yoga practices continually bring to her life. She loves watching students discover 'ah-ha' moments over a warm cup of tea, a long lunch, an intensely gentle asana practice, or yoga nidra.

Corrie sees every body as a map of individual consciousness; our communities as collective consciousness. These maps guide her knowing what practices to offer her students to improve health, well-being and connection to the world around them.

Corrie seeks to continuously create and hold responsibility for the world she is creating for herself -one that is playful, engaging, curious, and filled with presence and love. She creates classes and workshops, offer tools and guidance to her students on how to create the world they want to be in and encourages them to play with the energy and creative powers they possess too!

Corrie loves sharing yoga workshops at conferences & retreats as well as offering private sessions for general or therapeutic purposes; she also offers skype sessions.


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