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Rishikesh Uttarakhand

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I am a Sattva Yoga Guide, and student. I have my RYT-500 in Sattva Yoga after studying with Master Anand Mehrotra in India. For me, yoga is a life of presence and devotion. There is no mat to consider, just to live the practice within every interaction, every conversation, every second of life in this body. I first discovered the immense healing powers of this practice in 2012 and was inspired to continue to devote myself to this journey as a warrior of wisdom, spreading yoga and awakening the consciousness of all.

I lead Sattva Yoga Journeys and design personal practices for individuals. The practice is truly a complete practice of yoga, allowing you to arrive at a state, practice, and experience of balance. It allows you to be limitless, free, expansive, discover your inner joy and love, and find grace in all circumstances in life. Sattva Yoga is designed to allow you to connect to your greatest intelligence and live a life of devotion, evolution, and transcendence. The practice is a combination of meditation, Mantra, Pranayama, Kriya, Hatha, Laya, partner work, and freedom movement.

I am currently continuing my yoga studies and living a life of Sattva Yoga and Seva here in India. I am a Pediatric RN and Founder of a non-profit called I AM BEYOND I, providing Seva and a conscious movement around the globe. I enjoy the unknown, which is everything, going beyond the limits of my mind and facing all fears, laughing intensely, smiling endlessly, and exploring the depths of the World.


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