Courtney Engel

milwaukee, WI
United States

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I have been practicing yoga on and off for years. serendipitously if you I fell in love with the practice at a time when I ended up needing it the most. This led me to complete my 200hr certification through YogAsylum and the Yoga Alliance under the guidance and direction of Pamela Bliss.

I'll admit, when I started practicing, I was not obsessed with finding my center or interested in learning or even becoming vegetarian. Over a short period of time, I started realizing small changes that I was unconsciously implementing in my lifestyle. I was smiling (and laughing) an infinite amount, I found myself listening more attentively, and practicing patience and humility. In addition to the shifts in my life, yoga provided me with a community and lifestyle that I will be forever connected too. It's a practice that's even more rewarding off the mat which is what fascinated me.

Putting all these pieces to the puzzle together, yoga has undeniably helped me grow into the person and teacher I am today. And ladies and it's all about having but having fun in an encouraging, loving, and educational way, of course! I use both my creativity and my keen eye for detail as a way to compliment each asana, transition, and class as a whole. Absorbing inspiration from every direction, I use music as a tool to move (and groove) through a class. In my classes, your mat is not only your home-base, but also your playground.

So yes, I teach what I personally have learned, but more so, YOU are my teachers. We are all on this journey together, after all. As a teacher, I am able to provide guidance on and off the mat. I encourage everyone to take what they need from this practice and let it compliment your own life journey. The beauty of yoga is just that, it will always meet you where you need to be.


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