Courtney Krishnamurthy

San Jose, CA
United States

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Courtney Krishnamurthy has been practicing yoga for 18 years, and it has guided her through both her days as an art student and as an online marketing professional. In 2013 she attended Avalon Yoga’s 200-hour teacher training in Palo Alto, CA, to further her understanding of how this practice had such a profound effect on her. From that point on she jumped into both teaching and continued learning, and she hasn’t looked back.

Courtney has studied a many styles of yoga, but she was originally influenced by the Sivananda style, loving the long holds of the asanas, the focus on the range of motion of the spine, and incorporation of pranayama and resting poses. Her classes pull from this influence but incorporate other yoga styles, utilizing contrasts such as movement and long-held asana, experiencing tension and relaxation, and comparing pranayama techniques with normal breath patterns. These contrasts enable students to feel how their practice is affecting their body.

Aerial yoga is a relatively new love of Courtney’s life, but it has become as important to her as her regular yoga practice. It is fun and playful, but forces one to face fears as you do things you haven’t done in years, if ever! Courtney finds that aerial yoga helps her discover new ways to move her body, which she brings back to her asana practice on the mat. She brings her own distinct style of teaching to the swings, still blending a variety of yoga styles, but with a healthy dose of playfulness and discovery added in.

Courtney’s goal is to help others find what they need from yoga in the present moment. Whether that is a workout or time to disconnect from the world in order to relax, restore, and reconnect, she hopes to help you discover the path that connects you with your destination. Her website, , provides inspiration and short practices that can be incorporated into daily life.


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