Courtney Lynn

Lutz, FL
United States
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Hi! I’m Courtney. I am passionate about bringing yoga to everyone. Whether you’re brand new or more advanced in your practice, I welcome you. I encourage all yogis to get on the mat, all are welcome, no judgments, no expectations, just positive vibes. My yoga foundation is based in vinyasa, and has expanded to incorporate meditation and pranayama as well.
Please feel free to message me if you have any questions. Namaste


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

8 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Answer to my prayers !

I'm so happy to see Courtney on this site because her hard work and hands on teaching deserves recognition. I've tried yoga throughout the years but I focused more on lifting and cardio for physical fitness. My body was fine up until I had to have an emergency c-section with my son. I was weak, tired and discouraged...some days I honestly hated how disappointing my body was. Courtney has been a huge factor in my physical and mental health drastically improving. She's very reliable, even offering to commute 30 minutes just to help me out when I really needed it. She's a master, a mentor and most importantly, she's a friend. Please do yourself a favor and check her out! I would recommend her private lessons.

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Courtney is a wonderful and well rounded individual! She definitely has passion for yoga and expresses it it with others immensely! She definitely is out to help you no matter the level you are starting at. She is so kind and down to earth! You will not be disappointed whatsoever!

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Courtney is an amazing teacher! Ive been doing yoga for about four years and she is the best teacher I have had yet! A friend of mine referred me to take her class and no regrets what so ever! Will be most certainly going back to take her class and taking everyone I know! She really made me feel comfortable and at home, and I even learned something new!!

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Mother of Yoga

Courtney is compassionate, amicable, patient and responsive. I'm at a beginner's level but Courtney actually adjusted the program to fit my skill level best! She was able to engage in conversations with me as well as perform in peaceful silence as well. She made sure that I was comfortable and left in a better state of body and mind!

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Amazing Yoga Teacher

I take privates from Courtney and I am amazed at the quality privates she gives. She really takes the time to understand what your goals are and how to achieve them. She can give you more attention during the privates so you can focus on what ever your goal is. My personal practice has improved so much thanks to Courtney! :)

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Amazing Yoga Class!!

I am so happy I found courtney! A friend took one of her classes and loved it and said I had to take her class. Boy am I glad I did! You don't find many teachers who sequence the way Courtney does. I left her class feeling so calm but also energized enough to get through the day. I highly recommend Courtney. Her private classes are incredible as well!:)

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The best yoga teacher around

I have not been able to find a yoga teacher that i like. After many studios and teachers I am so happy I found courtney! For a newer teacher she really knows what she's doing. I have not been able to finder a better teacher. i love how I feel after one of her classes. Can't wait to take more classes!

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Awesome Class!

I found Courtney through a friend. She is excellent with beginners and makes them feel welcome. Courtney is an awesome teacher!