Courtney Rohan

Santa Rosa, CA
United States

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I am a 200 hour certified yoga teacher. I have been teaching yoga for 9 years. I teach a yoga of energy flow, offer Thai yoga massage and personal and professional coaching.

Yoga of Energy Flow is comprised of various yoga modalities that effectively cleanse, revitalize and uplift the body, mind and spirit. In a yoga class with me you will learn have to use your breath linked with movement, such as what you would find in a vinyasa class, along with mudra, mantra and intention, among other things.

Thai yoga massage is a practice of massage that entailed the practitioner being moved into and out of yoga postures as they recline, relax and release. This is done on the floor on a small futon mattress and allows for great healing and release.

Coaching is guiding and assisting clients as needed. To do this, I meet with clients once a week via Skype, or phone or in face to face meetings. We devise a plan of action to meet the need and we work together to complete the task.


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