Cristina Martínez Galvez

Badalona Barcelona

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The first day I heard the word Yoga it caused me a great impact and without knowing why I presaged it would be very important in my life. I guessed that behind was hiding something huge, a possible answer to all my questions . From very young I wondered why about all things, about the existence. I knew that there was a real dimension of the human being, beyond of what we are taught to live today in the West. Something more transcendent, more spiritual, more deeper and real. I was wondering unconsciously time after time ... and finally when I was 40 appeared in my life ... because it is true that if you are looking for, your time comes, your way comes ...
My first contact was in 2010 when appeared Shri Vivek Integral Yoga in my life. Shri Vivek Yoga is a genuine and authentic Yoga, what I always wanted. A Yoga that comes from the Hindu tradition, where this Science and Art of living is transmitted from master to disciple since ancient times. From the experience of the self-realised Master Shri Guruji Swami Vivekanada and his disciple the Indian Yogi Jivan Vismay, through their teachings, wisdom and energy, I am learning the true meaning of Yoga and Existence. I am learning to be happy, to live life more alive.


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