Cyndi Allen

Chattanooga, TN
United States
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I took my first yogic breath in March of 2010. I was unbelievably stressed and really at an all time low health wise when I walked into the studio that day. Some friends had told me it would help me regain both mental and physical health, so I thought “Why not? It can't hurt”. Little did I know what a powerful first step that was. I was hooked from my first down dog. I knew I was bendy so the flexibility was no issue, but had ZERO strength and I seriously had no idea how to breathe. I am forever grateful to those initial instructors and their patience. Those first few months, I pondered the idea of eventually teaching yoga but life got in the way as it tends to do, and I let my practice fade away for awhile. When I came back to my practice in 2012, I knew that teaching others about this important part of my life was no longer optional. I signed up for teacher training in 2014, graduated in June of 2015, and have taught over 1000 classes since that time.
Part of my yoga journey has been my recognition of the all too common theme of “who can and should be” doing yoga. I was and still frequently am the person who gets the funny looks and quizzical stares when I say “I practice or teach yoga”. Because my body isn't a typical “yoga body” and hasn't always been accepted into all yoga arenas, I try to welcome each person and their body into my classes regardless of level or ability. In addition, I offer modifications using tools to allow your body to enter an asana in the way that is best for you. My classes are light-hearted and often erupt in laughter, while being gently challenging and allowing for you to confidently explore and grow your own yoga practice.
As a forever learner, I completed my studies with Anna Guest-Jelley to become Curvy Yoga certified and hope to continue my yoga education with a 500 hour certification within the next few years. I am also a certified Life Coach and want to combine those two gifts into a powerfully life changing force to help others on their lives' paths. For now, though, when not in the studio, you can find me working my day job at a local health insurance provider. I also enjoy volunteering with Big Brothers/Big Sisters as a mentor to my awesome little sister and spending time with my friends and family.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

20 Reviews

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