Cyndi Parris

Spokane, WA
United States

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Cyndi has long admired Eastern culture and philosophy. After a back injury when she was16, yoga became an integral part of her therapy. She then fell in love with the practice and it's profound power for healing.
Practicing the 8 limbs of Yoga and the Ayurvedic system has become a passion and a way of life for her. In 15 years as a Licensed Massage Practitioner, she has noticed many of the aches and pains people experience are due to postural alignment. With her love of healing and Yoga, the next natural step in her life was to pursue teaching to better serve her clients individually and through group lessons.
Cyndi believes yoga is a wonderful tool to help children, at an early age, build body awareness to facilitate energy movement through their bodies rather than energy stagnation, which may lead to physical (or chronic?) discomforts later in life.
She has two lovely daughters and enjoys teaching yoga to children and adults. Cyndi believes yoga cultivates a peaceful mind and a compassionate heart which resonate with our world in a positive way.


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