Cynthia LoRe

Ashland, OR
United States

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I teach a Bikram Yoga Practice in the traditional style. The room is hot. Students sweat and everyone deepens within themselves. The dialogue that I share includes focus on breath, stillness, presence and consciousness. I have a background in Hypnotherapy and energy healing which comes through in how I hold space in the room, as a teacher and as a student when I practice. My personal goal is to be fully present on all levels, this creates a cohesive container that students can transform within. I witness each student in their transformation, whether it's physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Balance is restored as each person gets stronger and more flexible on all levels of their being. The focus required for this practice helps clear the mind of the debris of what is no longer true or relevant to the moment. When the mind is clear the body becomes the channel for the refreshing presence of authenticity.

Week of September 27TH

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