Cynthia Naydani

Koh Tao Surat Thani

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When I first stepped on a yoga mat over 10 years ago, I was an unfit, uncoordinated, stressed-out university student, just looking for a workout and a way to relax. I had no idea that yoga would eventually change my life completely. I graduated university a few years later, with honors degrees in Ecology and Primatology, but no real desire to pursue a conventional career. So, I moved to the tropics in search of my calling, and now live my dream as a yoga teacher in Thailand.

I teach a variety of classes, including vinyasa, yin, hatha, and restorative yoga. My classes are truly for every one - from experienced teachers to absolute beginners. I love nothing more than to share space with a bunch of smiling, sweaty yogis supporting one another and sharing good vibes. Along with the physical practice, my classes interweave yogic philosophy, conscious breathing, and I always strive to share the true meaning of Yoga - to unite as One.

I've been lucky to study under the experienced guidance of many wonderful yoga teachers, and to them I am eternally grateful. However, my greatest teachers (and best friends) tend to walk on four legs, breathe through gills, or fly through the trees; I draw tremendous inspiration from Mother Nature, and all her living beings. Through the yogic teachings, my academic studies, and my own experiences around the globe I can say with certainly that the central tenet of yoga is absolutely true - we are all interconnected, and we need to work together to take care of one another, our beautiful planet, and all our fellow beings.

When I am off the mat, I'm usually studying holistic nutrition, cooking veggie feasts for my friends, practicing handstands on the beach, and doting on Moo, Chili, Ziggy, and Bam, my very spoiled cats.


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