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Although I have always felt in my younger years that there was more to life, to my life, it wasn’t until I approached my 40’s that I began my journey of cleansing, and of clearing. It was a difficult time. It was the beginning of learning how to create space in order to heal. I knew there was something more to life and to my oneness within life, but I had no idea where to begin, what to do, or how to go about doing it. The only thing I had was a whole lot of faith as I held on tight and embraced the unknown.

It started with the process overcoming addiction when I was 39. Although it was painful during this period of time, addressing and healing life’s traumas served to be the first of many great blessings. The blessings are endless, and the healing continues, now on much deeper levels. I see clearly that there is more to all lives, and I see the profound value and reward that comes from self-care and being of service to others.

In my accumulations of trainings I have been honored and blessed to learn from teachers quite incredible in their specialties. Some widely known from around the globe and each who have served my evolvement with their perfect timing. I love the saying, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” This saying continues to ring true for me, as it does for everyone (whether they realize it or not).

I have a great depth of gratitude for my beloved teachers in India; Krishna Sikhwal, Roshan Singh Kukreti and Deepti Kulshrestha. They provided a plethora of knowledge, guidance, experience and practice, all from the roots and traditions of yoga. It is there that I experienced inexpressible transformations on all levels. I spent the next two years applying what I had learned in my self-practice and in my teaching.

Throughout those years, I also dove heavily into the areas of nutrition, essential oils and frequency healing. All of these modalities benefited myself and many others in their quest for healing from the inside out. The Raindrop Techniques are powerful techniques using essential oils to support the body systems on both physical and emotional levels.

Next came Urban Zen Integrative Therapy (UZIT), Reiki I & II, leaving PROFOUND series of experiences and footprints on my soul, all which arrived at just the right time. Thanks to some incredible leaders and teachers, Urban Zen Integrative Therapy has brought tremendous healing to hospitals and facilities across the country. Tracy Griffiths of Life Energy Institute, Rodney Yee, Colleen Saidman Yee, and Donna Karan (to name just a few) have moved mountains in this field and have been great inspirational teachers for me.

My internship experience as a UZIT was a tremendous stream of knowledge and healing that brought practices of Eastern medicine to Western hospitals (patients, families and staff members) within the UCLA Medical Centers. The integration of yoga therapy, meditation, essential oil therapy, nutrition, contemplative care, and Reiki has brought peace, healing and wellness to many, including those in cancer transplant units as well as end of life care facilities. Because this therapy includes addressing the needs of patients’ and families, as well as the medical staff (doctors, nurses, caregivers, etc.), it provides support from all sides.
I also bring UZIT into the yoga studio, teaching Urban Zen Yoga classes in Reno, Nevada. UZIT in the studio allows for participants to receive and learn the essential benefits of self-care.

I now have a collection that I refer to as my treasure box; the tools to merge all of what I have learned into my self-care practices. Do I actually do this, you ask? Yes, I do. But don’t get the wrong idea in thinking I am perfect. I simply have tools to work with, and I use them as I need them. Which just happens to be almost every day.

Yoga and meditation has, in essence, seeded itself within my soul, breaking my heart wide open and exposing it to the Universe. This experience re-introduced me to the Self and continues to lead me to what lies within. The light of the Universal Divine allows healing to be present, and leads me to the shadow sides from this lifetime and many before, where I am able to rise up and face with grace, dignity and courage, however painful it may be.

“Prayer is talking to the Universe. Meditation is listening to it.”

If you have been practicing yoga for any length of time, you know that life doesn’t offer us an endless stream of happiness, or the seeking thereof. Rather, it offers us the opportunity to immerse into our inner world so that we can heal. And these findings, these experiences, present us opportunities to grow within our own selves, grow in community, and to be of service to others.

So, I learn. I grow. Brighter. Stronger. More graceful. And with Light. Through all this, I’ve learned how to be of service.

I continue to embrace this journey, as it is indeed ongoing.

I remain a student as well as a teacher.

I trust in the Universe.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

20 Reviews

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