Dai Alford

United Kingdom

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I am a fully qualified hatha yoga teacher specialising in childrens yoga.
I have a company called Tatty Bumpkin.
Myself and my small team of lovely teachers travel around North London working in schools, nurseries, parties and anywhere where there are children.
Our yoga classes are specially designed for children, they incorporate interactive poses, games and partner work to hold the children's attention. We have lots of fun taking ourselves on an adventure using our bodies and our imaginations (and a little help from the teacher!). We learn about muscles and bones, breath and being mindful. We adapt the traditional yoga postures and routines so that children can do them safely and we have lots of fun exploring the postures each week. Often the children don’t even realise that they are exercising! We also learn how breathing techniques can help to keep us calm.
We use our bodies, our imagination, special music and lots of different exciting props to make these sessions really FUN.


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