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Yoga has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. And I’m not just talking about the yoga that fills your lungs with clean air and mindfully moves your I’m talking about the yoga that bleeds into our lives; the yoga that fosters connection with ourselves, each other and the planet, the yoga that gives us the power to speak up and out for what we believe in, the yoga that helps us self-reflect and self-correct, the yoga that insists we check the ego at the door and sit with the truth of who we are… This is the living yoga that has been taught to me by my first teacher, my Mumma, since I was seven years old. This is the yoga that I feel proud to continue to live and teach.

Applying the principles of functional yoga as taught by Paul and Suzee Grilley has not only transformed the way I view myself and the way I practice, but has greatly influenced the way in which I teach. I have always believed that yoga is for everyone and that the teachings of this wisdom tradition should be made accessible to everyone. By moving away from the aesthetic approach to yoga which concerns itself with what our yoga looks like, and instead move towards a functional approach, which concerns itself with how our yoga feels, we can create a practice that is profitable and inclusive. It’s in this feeling (freedom) state that we have the unique opportunity to learn the most about ourselves and my deepest intention is to facilitate a practice that encourages each student to find the self-confidence to explore and embrace their own anatomical uniqueness and discover a yoga practice that truly serves and honours their body, heart and mind.

I strongly believe in the profound social, political and environmental impact of the teachings of yoga and seek to weave these issues into each class. The work we do on the mat prepares us for the real work we do out in the world… It helps us let go of that which does not serve us or the communities we exist within; helping us to cultivate the tools necessary to navigate the world skillfully, break free from the systems and behaviours that make us feel unworthy and disconnected and, ultimately, realise the magic of our own existence.

My wish is to deliver these teachings with full respect and honour to the tradition of yoga whilst remaining playful and honest. May we have the wisdom to investigate, with curiosity, courage and compassion, all of our edges, within the scope of each practice and beyond!

My eternal gratitude to all the teachers along the way that have helped influence and shape me into the person and teacher that I am today; Clare Allen, Paul & Suzee Grilley, Bernie Clark, Sarah Powers, Vanda Scaravelli, Kallie Schut, Michelle Cassandra Johnson and Debbie Lee Van-Ginkel.

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