Dalila Baied

Albuquerque, NM
United States

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My yoga practice emerged gradually as my love for movement manifested in the form of dance, asana practice, and weight lifting. In 2014, I decided to pursue my curiosity of yoga and I enrolled in Albuquerque’s Sani Yoga 300hour Teacher Training program. It was at this training that yoga suddenly became something so much more than movement. Being able to express oneself physically is simply an added gem to the entirety of yoga’s mysterious and fascinating complexities. Yoga is a way of life that is practiced on and off the mat. It encompasses so much wisdom that keeps the human mind from stagnating. Yoga ignites me, Yoga keeps me eager to discover what lies beyond the perceptual human experience, what makes life worth living, how to enjoy it, how to take care of myself, and how to ignite that eager flame in others as well.

As an instructor, I value sharing my personal experiences with my students. How I experience a meal, a day on the beach, or even my entire teacher training is completely different from how another experiences it. This is such a beautiful thing because students can choose which teacher stimulates them the most. And I hope to awaken my students with a sense of self-awareness; physically and mentally. Physically by becoming aware of what their body is doing and how it is feeling. With this awareness, we can begin to manipulate the body and use our energy in the most useful ways. Mentally by becoming aware of one’s thought processes and how it affects our mood, our self-view, and our interactions with other humans. Authenticity, awareness, physicality, and strength are the major values of my teaching philosophy. I hope to consistently create a space in which students feel invited to ask questions and probe.

In 2014, I graduated with a BFA in Dance and Psychology from The University of New Mexico. I spent the majority of my college years performing and rehearsing in dance and this has greatly influenced my approach to movement on the yoga mat. My initial teacher training was spent studying at Sani Yoga for nine months under Dave Yoss and Maggie Seibert of Albuquerque. In the summer of 2016 I completed my 300hour Advanced Teacher Training at the Tantric Alchemy Institute in Costa Rica. As a yogi, I believe that we are all always students and I am constantly searching for places in which I can be inspired and continue to use that inspiration to teach others. I practice yoga and attend philosophy workshops/classes in the Albuquerque area and find teachers that resonate with me and my approach to yoga.

Currently, I teach at Sani Yoga, Hot Yoga Downtown, and Bhava Yoga. I also work as an administrative assistant at Elevate: Performance, Health, Wellness and spend a lot of time being influenced by the coaches and their approach to strength training. I enjoy spending time traveling, reading, studying, cooking, and spending time with the beings I love the most. These are just a few key words that can describe what I do with my time, but I value finding enjoyment and fulfillment in all experiences and activities! I am ecstatic to be apart of this Bhava team and look forward to learning and growing with a new kula (an intentional community, a family).


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