Damian Viera

Atlanta, GA
United States

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Damian Viera is a seasoned spa & fitness program facilitator, yoga instructor and internationally renowned massage therapy educator. He started working in the health and wellness industry at the age of 15, the yoga industry at 24, and has since consulted in luxury wellness projects for global brands like The Golden Door, Rosewood Hotels, Ty Warner Hotels, Aman Resorts, and R&R Resorts. Although his creativity in the spa world is unparalleled, his ultimate passion is uncovering the many ways yoga and functional movement can enhance the performance of athletes and healthy individuals, and assist in the rapid recovery of injury. Through re-educating the body’s movement, he can create space and agility in places where movement either never existed or was hindered by injury, emotional trauma, or lack of proper use. He enjoys formulating lifestyle regimens using his expansive knowledge of exercise physiology, nutrition, and yoga philosophy particularly to maximize clients’ vital potential energy levels. Damian’s classes are a high energy, functional movement based, flow that are fun and challenging. Don’t be surprised by your rapid evolution and new found inner power.