Damien Wade

Wexford Co Wexford

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My name is Damien Wade. I am owner of a holistic health, educational, performance & rehabilitation centre, called Health 3.0.

“My journey for truth started when my mother was diagnosed with cancer back in 2006. I was brought on an educational roller coaster to find answers about the cause of her disease. She was one of my best teachers, and through her humble battle against this dis-ease, she taught me some valuable pearls of wisdom that I feel in my heart must be shared with the world to help people understand how we can become diseased on different levels. My passion for health has taken me all over the world helped me pursue an education that has given me the tools to help humanity understand and reverse dis-ease”.

The mission of Health 3.0 is to help people to understand the true meaning of the word health and how to keep it in balance on all levels. I found there was a huge gap in the market for education, not just on a physical level but also on a mental, emotional and energetic level. The real meaning behind Mind – Body – Spirit Connection.

As a Health Teacher, I run several seminars covering topics like Functional Training Methods, Thyroid and Weight Management, Diabetes, Cancer, Pain Management, Depression, Suicide and other health related topics to help the public understand and empower people with tools to educate their family and vision is World Peace and I believe we can all help humanity transcend from the dark to the light.


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