Dani Caputo

Adelaide SA

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Dani is trained in the Dru Yoga Style and brings with her a wealth of Dance experience and teaching in many different settings. Dani’s yoga classes are infused with the movement and flow of Dance that compliment the beautiful flow of Dru Yoga .
Aligned with the principles of Dru Yoga, classes with Dani are gentle enough for those students choosing a spiritual practice but also her knowledge of the body can take students to a deeper physical level . Dani’s passion is to help her students meet their bodies wherever they are. Whether they be healing from an injury or recovering from an illness, reducing stress in their life or moving through a transitional period in their life. Dani’s experience means she can provide modifications for people so that all poses can be experienced in some way even if you are only able to sit in a chair!
Dani came to yoga in her early twenties studying Yoga in Daily Life and Hatha Yoga, but it wasn’t until her first pregnancy that her love of yoga really blossomed and she enrolled in the Dru Yoga Teacher Training course.
Dani’s continued passion for womens health, natural health remedies, essential oils, sustainable living and organic and whole foods infuse her teaching practice. So if you have been looking for a yoga class where you can be who you are, wear what you want and feel the integration and freeing of your physical and spiritual body then Dani’s classes are for you.


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