Dani Kimmel

San Diego, CA
United States

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--Experieced collegiate and lifetime athlete (many injuries included!) with a passion for the breath-movement connection in and out of the water, and being in the state of flow & helping others be there also. Substitute teacher working towards a Masters of Education and credential, swim coach, yoga instructor; fitness coach, and healer. My personal experiences with serious injuries brought me to love and understand my body better, and I now offer my lessons and gifts with you, to help you be your best self. I am confident that whatever your need / healing stretching moving flowing recovering, strengthening, destressing, focusing, meditating, training, performance peaking, mindfulness, I can be your guide, partner, and friend through your journey. :)

-Yoga Instructor, private and group sessions available in home or at studio. Some local classes taught :). Yoga helped strengthen my core and improve my balance and flexibility as a healthy athlete, and it saved me when I was injured seriously with a broken spine. I bring authenticity to my teaching, now healthy and strong because of this practice- , and I invite you to express yourself freely through breathwork, body movement, and sound. I use a hands-on approach & offer adjustments :).

-Healer, Thai bodyworker/massage specialist, Master Reiki Certified. Will come to your home or space and facilitate hearings.

--Swim Coach/Instructor, peak training and technique specialist, (8+ yrs coaching experience and 20+ yrs swimming experience). Will come to your pool or we can meet at a community pool.

*Package deals available- cost will vary depending on service but always speak with me if there is a specific need and budget is an issue!! (I've been there.)


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