Daniel Boakye

United Kingdom
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Movement enthusiast and yoga teacher.

I take a very movement driven approach to my personal practice and my teaching, using movement to find stillness and stillness to find movement; exploring the dichotomous and complementary nature of these two states. Body awareness and presence in practice are key for me and so I place heavy emphasis on being engaged and present with every posture and moving with intention.

During teaching, I like to minimise the time spent "on the mat" as, drawing on my experience as a classroom teacher, I find that it is important to get in with you guys who are doing the practice and rely more on my words and your own experience to find your "correct" alignment/movement - ultimately it's YOUR practice NOT mine and YOU deserve the agency and ownership of it. I draw from a number of modalities including Chinese martial arts and gymnastics and am fond of making use of props to allow you to learn to self-adjust and really take control of your practice.

I started practising yoga just over a decade ago, for what many may consider to be the wrong reasons, but over time, as I became more engrossed in my physical practice, came to appreciate the underlying philosophies a lot more. For me, the gross, "external" practice has always served as a gateway to the more subtle and "internal" aspects; and this is very much reflected in my teaching as I am not shy about admitting my greater (initial) emphasis on the physical and willingness to simply be a gateway/referral to teachers who are more philosophical/spiritual in their pedagogy.

Back in 2016, I discovered and became enamoured with the practice of acro yoga, which offered me a playful and collaborative outlet and has helped me meet and befriend some of the most wonderful people that I have ever met. I organised and maintained the South London Acro Yoga group for 2 years, facilitating regular acro jams for local practitioners and have enjoyed introducing many people to the practice in my time running the sessions. For me, acro is a fantastic way to develop communication skills and connection with others through play and is something I love to share with my students whenever I can.

Currently, I am in London, running regular group and private classes as well as the occasional workshop. In my freetime I still participate in the local acro scene and seek out opportunities for further learning and collaboration with other teachers and yogis.

Please drop me a message if you'd like to work with me.



Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

9 Reviews

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