Daniel Boakye

United Kingdom
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Movement enthusiast and yoga teacher.

I take a very movement driven approach to my personal practice and my teaching, using movement to find stillness and stillness to find movement; exploring the dichotomous and complementary nature of these two states. Body awareness and presence in practice are key for me and so I place heavy emphasis on being engaged and present with every posture and moving with intention.

During teaching, I like to minimise the time spent "on the mat" as, drawing on my experience as a classroom teacher, I find that it is important to get in with you guys who are doing the practice and rely more on my words and your own experience to find your "correct" alignment/movement - ultimately it's YOUR practice NOT mine and YOU deserve the agency and ownership of it. I draw from a number of modalities including Chinese martial arts and gymnastics and am fond of making use of props to allow you to learn to self-adjust and really take control of your practice.

I started practising yoga just over a decade ago, for what many may consider to be the wrong reasons, but over time, as I became more engrossed in my physical practice, came to appreciate the underlying philosophies a lot more. For me, the gross, "external" practice has always served as a gateway to the more subtle and "internal" aspects; and this is very much reflected in my teaching as I am not shy about admitting my greater (initial) emphasis on the physical and willingness to simply be a gateway/referral to teachers who are more philosophical/spiritual in their pedagogy.

Back in 2016, I discovered and became enamoured with the practice of acro yoga, which offered me a playful and collaborative outlet and has helped me meet and befriend some of the most wonderful people that I have ever met. I organised and maintained the South London Acro Yoga group for 2 years, facilitating regular acro jams for local practitioners and have enjoyed introducing many people to the practice in my time running the sessions. For me, acro is a fantastic way to develop communication skills and connection with others through play and is something I love to share with my students whenever I can.

Currently, I am in London, running regular group and private classes as well as the occasional workshop. In my freetime I still participate in the local acro scene and seek out opportunities for further learning and collaboration with other teachers and yogis.

Please drop me a message if you'd like to work with me.



Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

9 Reviews

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Very Knowledgeable

He is one of the more educated teachers I have had when it comes to anatomy and physiology. He gave me many pointers and poses to help correct some of my bad habits. In addition also got the opportunity to do an acro yoga class with him. Loved it.

Daniel BoakyeFebruary 20, 2020
A pleasure to teach you!

Thank you Richard! It was a real pleasure to teach you!
Please keep up the acro and hopefully we will meet again when you're in London - I would love to get a chance to teach some more! You've got a great practice and you're always welcome to message if you want any tips or info!
Much love!

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Great energy!

Daniel is an amazing teacher. Super knowledgable about the body and how to work through yoga poses safely. The most generous, kind heart. We miss you in Australia! Come back soon :)

Daniel BoakyeMarch 24, 2020
Thank you!

You are too kind! It was always such a pleasure to share practice with you!
I hope to see you again soon!

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Daniel is all about yoga. All about the body movement and is a skilled yoga practicioner who works with body /alignment in mind. He is extremely highly skilled as a teacher and his knowledge and love yoga is phenomenal. He is kind and gentle and yet can teach you how to create a mindfull headstand working with your body, your requirements and your ability. At heart he is playful and extremely supportive and encouraging.

Daniel BoakyeMarch 24, 2020
Thank you for your praise!

Teaching with you in Newtown was always so wonderful and it's been a pleasure sharing my knowledge! Thanks so much!

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Inspired and impressed

Thank you so much Daniel,


I just had the pleasure once to be a part of one of his inspiring sessions at Lentils. He is the coordinator from a open space, where yoga teacher came together and share donation based classes, knowledge and new experiences together. We helping to assist each other in our classes and afterwards giving us feedback to improve.
I get to know him through Acro Yoga and he ask me to join the group and take over his class.
But I participate in his class before he hand his class over.

This was an amazing experience for me. His vocabulary and flow to direct our postures without touching us was incredible. Just through his verbal communication he adjusted each person into the room. And not even speaking directly to this particularly person, No! He speaks all the time to everybody with an gentle heart and tender voice! Impressive and so educational for me.

Thank you for this inspiration!
My warmest recommendation to this experienced Being.

Victory & Peace

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Simply a great teacher :)

I've been enjoying a few of Daniels classes. I love the energy in the room and his passion for teaching. A lot more verbal cueing rather than demonstrating, but very precised so I never got confused. His classes are all about body and mind awareness and not only a "workout", everything what I need from a good yoga class. :) highly recommended :)

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Fantastic Teacher and Great energy

I’ve been going to Daniel’s yoga classes ever since he moved to Sydney. He is so patient, super friendly and full of positive energy. He demonstrates and explains postures very thoroughly. He is so passionate about his personal yoga practices as well as delivering quality yoga classes. Highly recommended!

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Daniel is awesome

Daniel is an incredibly knowledgeable, friendly and down-to-earth teacher!

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All round great guy

I met Kwame at the Sunday Acro Jam he organise. He is friendly, helpful and exclusive. He always checks every is ok. Kwame has a great practice both Acro yoga and yoga. He is very respected and liked in the Acro community in the UK

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Yogateacher of Hanchey Bamboo Resort

We had the pleasure to enjoy Daniels Yoga Classes in our resort. He had daily classes for our guests and found also time to teach the staff, therefore he had some advanced and beginner classes. All of them really liked it, he explained very well and adjusted where needed. Our guests and staff felt very comfortable with him and loved to try out his passion for acroyoga.