Daniel Cote

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Daniel started his yoga journey 10 years ago. After his first visit in India his vision of yoga shifted from the physical level to a complete way of living. From Modern Yoga he became interested in Classical Yoga which opened a new world of thus ‪‎holistic‪ science. During the last 4 years, he spent several months in different parts of ‪India‪ with masters specialized in various field of yoga for deepening his practice. His journey leaded him towards ‪various ‪styles, paths and aspects of yoga. He became fascinated by the power of the breath and how it can empower our life through different breathing exercises including Biodynamic Breath and Trauma Release. He wish to bring his knowledge and experience to the service of mankind. Elementary teacher by ‪profession‪, Jean has a passion for sharing and inspiring people to reach their full potential. With his enthusiast and calmness, Jean will guide you towards an inspiring ‪journey ‪in search of your true nature!


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