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Currently accepting new students for H'OM'E based private practice or therapy using Skype or Facetime. If you are a beginner we can get you started, you can establish a practice. If already practicing you can evolve your practice to better suit your needs. If you have a particular need or issue we can take the therapeutic approach and go from there.

Am also available for private practice or therapy and for small group practice in your Yangon home yoga space, where ever you are we can work out the timing that suits us both.

Elemental yoga returns yoga to its foundations as a therapeutic self-healing practice, observing imbalances in the qualities of the 5 natural elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Spirit) in the organism and balancing these through meditation, breathing practice and asanas. The practice can be flowing or still, energetic or restorative depending on the element/s being focused on and which in turn is dependent on natural cycles; seasons, moon phase, time of day and the ambient energy of the class.

Through Elemental yoga practice you can access all types of yoga methods and schools. In a typical session we will improve energetic flow through the chakras (energy vortexes aligned with elements), stimulate subtle body connections and engage the feeling body to achieve a balance in mind, body and spirit leaving with a sense of well-being. Elemental yoga is accessible to all yoga practitioners regardless of their level or previous practice.


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