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Yogacharya Gowrishankarananda AYT, AYTh, is the founder of the CYAI accredited Atmalaya Institute, The Yoga Sadhana Foundation, & The Atmalaya Ashram.
Certified in Classical Ashtanga Yoga and trained to facilitate the appropriate aspects of Yoga at the right time, and in the right way specific to a students interests and needs. Students have the opportunity to study all aspects of Yoga including, Hatha, Raja, Bhakti, Karma yoga, Tantra, Yantra, Mantra, Kundalini, Chakras, Swara Yoga, Mudras, Kriyas, Prakriyas, Shat Karmas, Asana, Pranayama, Yoga Chikitsa, and Yoga Psychology. Students are encouraged to balance life and embrace a wholistic view of themselves including the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual components. All practices are firmly focused on Self empowerment and spiritual realization as the primary purpose of Yoga.


Average: 4.9 of 5 stars

8 Reviews

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Daniel has been a mentor to me in many ways, and now a dear friend for life. Having taken his teacher training course I truly got to experience the capacity of his reverence and knowledge that yoga and the path of an Acharya entail. During that time I experienced the value and meaning of a true yoga practice and how to nurture a rich inner life. Yoga is so much more than postures and chanting, it is personal exploration and discovery through devotion and dedication.


Daniel has an innate sense of knowing how best to guide individuals on the appropriate path that would best support their unique journey, yet always with a current of belonging, connection and oneness.
As a student of Daniel, I received a sequence of teachings and practices the provided a solid foundation from which to grow strong roots. He has the ability to teach while maintaining the potency of the lineage itself. I received a practice to grow from and basic teaching skills and style from which to build a yoga teaching practice. At the end of the teacher training I received a personal mantra which Daniel meditated on and created specifically for me and my path.
I also received Yoga therapy from Daniel. He provided a Sankalpa Chikitsa practice for me to incorporate into my daily life. This practice will grow and evolve as I do, and in as little as 2 weeks I feel a deeper sense of connection to the higher vision for my life with a greater sense of peace, and devotion. By creating space for this in my daily regime, I am exercising my commitment and participation as an active co-creator of my life.
I am grateful for all that I learn and continue to explore through his teachings. He lives what he teaches and is an example of how a rich spiritual life provides deep peace, compassion and harmony. Namaste Yogacharya Gowrishankarananda

Integration of Teachings!

Good students always imbibe the meaning behind the teachings and then apply it to their lives thus realizing the Shakti (power). Few students dive into learning yoga from multiple perspectives and applications to their lives. It is the integration of the teachings that we truly learn and realize the transformative power of Yoga! May I always be worthy of such students!

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Grateful, with love and respect.

To explain the full detail of how Yogacharya Gowrishankarananda has impacted and guided me in the art of living consciously through the Yogic path would be a long story. To say it simply; it has changed my life significantly, beyond any idea I would've had prior to first meeting him.


I have studied with him directly, attending regular classes, for 2 years (2009-2011) and indirectly since then. I completed up to his level 3 (300 hour) teacher training certification, and have been practicing Yoga for approximately 7 1/2 years, and have been teaching Yoga also for about 6 years.
We are both students of Rishi Culture Ashtanga Yoga. This wonderful path of self-realization is one of the most complete paths in existence today. In its knowledge, understanding, practice and representation, Gowrishankaranandaji has an exceptional level achievement. This level of achievement is extremely rare in this modern age. Indeed there are probably fewer than a several hundred people in the world with his level of knowledge of the Yoga path. He is a true Yogacharya, if I may be so bold to say so. A Yogacharya being one who represents the path and is able to shine light on it directly as he rests with stability on the path, knowing it to remarkable degree.
Any honest seeker of self-knowledge would be hard pressed to find another such teacher of such skill. He is able to guide those who come from any background to a greater degree of awareness and understanding of their Self. His education facilitates new levels of living skillfully in harmony with our nature and where we find ourselves currently in life. He is also able to educate individuals in the knowledge of the mind and body so that these can be purified and brought into exceptional well being and control. The technology of the practices and concepts provided through his education and exploration are of great value and exceptionally powerful when practiced with dedication.

My name and full title is Yoga Sadhaka Raghavan (Tyler James Vaughan), I just finished studying the 6-month international teacher training course (Team 46) held at ICYER in Ananda Ashram in south east India, near Pondicherry Tamil Nadu. It is because of Gowrishankarananda's guidance and patience in facilitating knowledge of the Yogic path that allowed me to be able to ready and willing to take on such an extensive and unparallelled education in Yoga science. He has my love and great respect for all that his effort in guiding me towards myself. Having met and studied with him has been one of the biggest blessings in my life. He is a constant inspiration to me as to what one can achieve through dedicated practice and one-pointed focus. I would strongly recommend anyone who is interested in learning more about themselves to study with Gowrishankaranandaji, and with giving sincere effort; I know you will not regret it.

Love and Respect!

Love and respect can only happen when the ego dissolves. Similarly, we cannot teach or learn truth when the ego is present. So it is that regardless of how good a teacher may be we can only learn when we fully let go of ego and embrace being a student. The saying that the teacher appears when the student is ready can be understood in another light when we consider that the supreme teacher is that Guru spirit that we are already a part of.


The supreme Self that causes us to learn brings us to the teaching instrument so that we may learn exactly what we need at any given moment. If I have been a teacher to anyone it is simply ones inner guru that used me as an instrument.

I am a better teacher because of students such as yourself Yoga Sadhaka Raghavan! May the blessings of yoga always shine on us. May we always walk in the grace & love of our Guru’s and teachers. May we shine ever brighter with the beatitude of Yoga’s bliss and serve others on this path. May the teacher spirit always be alive and well in you!

Om Tat Sat!

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Very much a teacher as well as a leader

When doing Yoga with Yogacharya Gowrishankarananda you learn as much just as much as you feel the benefits of Yoga. He enjoys giving historic background and meaning to all the Yoga patterns and benefits.

To Teach Through Example

May our example always be the best teacher for students. May the best of students live as examples and lead others to do the same!
Many blessings to you!

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Superb Teacher

I met Daniel over ten years ago, and he has become a very good friend of mine, as well as a valuable teacher. I deeply value his wisdom and insight, and his attention to detail. His teaching style is very socratic and humorous at times, and he takes the time to cover all aspects of Yoga as a way of life.

To Value Yoga is to Have Experienced its Transformative Power!

To value a Teacher means one has experienced the truth of the teachings
and truly learned something… a sign of a good student. May the transformative power of Yoga always be at work in your life, may your keen intellect always serve you well, and may your mind ever be at peace!

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self empowerment

Yogacharya Gowrishankarananda has had a valuable and unforgettable impact on my life. He leads with integrity and sets an example of awareness and compassion. He assists his students by encouraging them to think for themselves and empower themselves with a dedicated spiritual practice of their own.
He lives a yogic lifestyle and is trustworthy.
Studying with him has inspired a lifelong practice for me!

All a Teacher Could Ever Ask For!

To empower a student’s conscious evolution and even have “inspired” a dedicated spiritual practice is all a teacher could ever ask for. You are a gift unto the world, may your life always be blessed with Yogic treasures!

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One who lives the teachings

Yogacharya Gowrishankarnanda is one who truly lives the teachings of Yoga. He is an asset to our Rishiculture Ashtanga Yoga Paramparya and spreads the message of classical Gitananda Yoga with commitment not seen too often in this modern world. A man with a mission, i find his view of Yoga and its message one of a truly wholistic perspective that enhances the lives of those who come in contact with him. May he always be blessed by Yoga.

May I Always Be Worthy of Such Love!

To step upon this path and walk in the same illustrious footsteps as yourself and the many enlightened gurus of our Paramparai is the grandest adventure, greatest honor, and most authentic expression of my existence.
To be a conduit for Yogic realization is the most beautiful experience of my life! To apprehend the guiding hand of grace that places us on this divine Yogic path is humbling beyond words; and so I say as you say “May I always be worthy of such love!”

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Excellent !

I was always frustrated with some yoga instructors as many I found forgot completely about the spiritual aspect and others forgot completely about the physical aspect. Taking yoga with Daniel is the perfect blend of both. It was clear and very informative with a great foundation of understanding. I appreciate all I have learned and hope to continue to learn from Daniel!

Always a student!

The signs of a good student are the attitudes of personal responsibility, appreciation, and lifetime learning. May you ever take delight in the knowledge of Self, may your gratitude be a beacon, and may your learning prove enlightening!

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Magnficent Guide

Daniel Ross (Yogacharya Gowrishankaranda), has been a magnificent guide in my life for the last 17 years. We have had many, many lengthy discussions about life, business and a spiritual path. All of this has lead to deep and profound insights that have often created very significant course corrections in my path over the years. As well, these talks have enabled me to see that I am indeed on the right path, which is demonstrated in the joyful, happy and prosperous life I lead.