Daniela Broder

Tunbridge Wells
United Kingdom

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Daniela is an authentic and deeply intuitive teacher. Her classes offer a space for people to develop a deeper connection to their true and authentic being, exploring the many aspects and layers of ourselves and our relationships with the natural world.

Daniela draws upon many years of immersion into the healing arts, shamanism and the yoga tradition; weaving wisdom teachings with poetic imagery, guiding a sacred practice of body, mind, breath and consciousness. She has trained throughout the world in the healing arts and in different yoga styles and traditions including Hatha, Integral, Shjanta and Kundalini yoga, though found 'home' working with Scaravelli Yoga, Yin yoga & Taoist arts.

In this yoga practice, we journey into the body, breath, heart and mind; working with movement and poses to unravel tension and explore the space within. With practice and dedication, this yoga encourages a natural unfolding of healthy posture, a fluid, supple, grounded body, expansiveness in breathing, a calm, clear mind and a deeper appreciation for life.

Daniela offers weekly yoga classes, one to one tuition, workshops and retreats.