Daniela de Girolamo

Pontremoli MS

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I was born and grew up in Italy. After some years travelling as tour guide, I decided to settle in Granada, Spain, where I started to study in “Sol y Luna” school.

In 2005 I began studying ayurvedic medicine with the study of abhyanga massage and marma treatments.

In 2006 I was certified as ayurveda massage therapist by APTN_COFENAT. The same year I started to study shiatsu and traditional chinese medicine.
Thanks to this beautiful 4 year path, in which I gained an understanding of the functioning of nature’s elements and their relationship with the body, I could integrate the knowledge of these two ancient arts of healing; ayurveda medicine and chinese medicine have a lot of things in common.

In 2010 I was certified as a shiatsu therapist by

My love for shiatsu and the practice with patients, stimulated me to delve more, participating in 2010 in an intensive course about “Diagnostic and work with chakras” with Diego Sanchez, teacher from Uruguay.
In 2011 I attended a postgraduate course about “Shiatsu and menstruation” with Marina De Franceschi from Italy.

I began to regularly practice Qi Gong in order to be in health and energetically strong whilst working with patients.
Between 2010 and 2012 I trained Qi Gong at “Sol Y Luna” school and have been certified as Qi Gong Teacher.

I taught and worked with Shiatsu and Qi Gong in differents centres in Granada, between them, ArtesSanas en Movimiento which is a creative project where I could meet professionals of other disciplines and exchange with them yoga practices, other Qi Gong thechniques practices, classical inidian dance between others.

Between 2011 and 2012 I travelled in India where I practiced Hatha Yoga in Sivananda Ashram in Neyyr Dam and experience a treatment in Parathuvayalil ayurvedic hospital in Cochin.

Since arriving in Ecuador I have been training in Tantra Yoga with Iris Disse as well as assisting with the creation of Durga’s Tiger School.

Nowadays I am master yoga teacher in Tantra Yoga having been certified for 500 hours and running 200 hours teacher trainings.

In February 2017 I trained in Ovarious Breath - Feminine Alchemy

In 2018 February 2018 completed the 100hrs for Yoga and Pregnancy teacher training

I share Qi Gong, Tantra Yoga, meditation techniques in Durga's Tiger School during the yoga teacher trainings.


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