Daniela Fuentes


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Daniela is a designer/artist/curator who discovered Yoga in the late 90’s during her Design studies in Mexico City. Yoga spoke to the body’s memories of her gymnast years from early childhood and her innate spiritual curiosity. She began practicing at the age of 17 and after more than 15 years of practice and many different phases, Yoga practice has become a tool in her life that plays a very important role in her perspectives, relationships and creative work. Daniela has studied with many teachers and various methods of Yoga, but the most informing source to her teachings are her own yoga and creative practice, a geeky, secretive obsession on learning about the Psyche and, moreover, her curious mind.

Daniela’s classes are a mix of chants, philosophical-thought-provoking inputs with day-to-day examples, sound & breath awereness, body-intelligent flowy asana (yoga poses) sequences, hands-on assist through which you receive tremendous loads loving wisdom cultivated through her many years of practice and teaching, meditation & relaxation. You may find her connecting Yoga philosophy with Art theory one day, and then another talking about the incredible potential of Vinyasa practice on Neuroplasticity.

She likes to conceive “yogis” as random people who -as David Swenson wisely said once- leave a place a little bit better than how they found it. Advanced Yoga practice is in Daniela’s eyes reflected in one’s emotional health, that of our relationships and our capacity to see and embrace ourselves and others even in the realm of our limitations and failures, by taking self-responsability of both our outer and inner worlds. A “true yogi” grows and learns from all her life experiences and relationships, her identity is not limited, and her capacity to enjoy life and thrive expansive.


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