Danielle Reyes

Washington, DC
United States

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Founded in 2013 was created by Danielle M. Reyes. A DC resident, she has always lived steps away from the trails of Rock Creek Park where she has walked, hiked, and run countless miles. A former tennis instructor, professional educator, and now a yoga instructor, avid paddler, and running group leader, Danielle has been involved in teaching and fitness training for most of her adult life and loves working with people to achieve their goals. Yoga Hikes DC blends Danielle’s love of fun social activities with her passion for teaching yoga, hiking, and the outdoors.

Danielle is trained in Vinyasa Yoga and has practiced many styles of yoga. Her instruction style integrates her many years of teaching and coaching into a fun and inspiring experience that will keep you challenged and leave you refreshed! Danielle’s professional yoga experience includes teaching private individual and group instruction in both indoor and outdoor settings.


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