Daphna (GuruWant) Dor

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It is with energetic joy and love that I share the healing and transformation technology of Kundalini Yoga at this beautiful yoga hub in Canggu, Bali. Having come upon Kudalini yoga over 20 years ago, I completed my teacher certification in New York in 1996, and continued to dive deeply through this path, complementing my studies with certifications in hatha yoga and yoga therapy as well! I love teaching at this international intersection of yogis and yoginis journeying along the path of Self exploration and Self discovery! Classes are open level, all welcome!
As the coordinator and organizer of the KRI certified Kundalini Teacher Trainings here in Bali, at Desa Seni, please check in with me or with Desa Seni for information on these trainings!

Daphna brings to her kundalini yoga sessions a deep respect for, and incorporation of, the body alignment of hatha yoga traditions (she is also a certified hatha yoga teacher) while embracing with great passion and gratitude the sharing of the transformational path of higher consciousness of Kundalini Yoga, believing and teaching that we all have the wisdom, the light and the love within to manifest our highest calling!


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