Dave (Devananda) De Graeve


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Devananda has grown up on coastal village in Belgium where he was deeply connected with nature.

He started Yoga in 1995 and experienced different yoga styles to cope with the effects of his stressful sales job in corporate IT companies.

He discovered in 2013 the benefits of Sampoorna Yoga on the body and mind and became a regular practitioner. The fullness experience of the Sampoorna Yoga system transformed his view on health and life.

He wanted to share the benefits with other people and became Sampoorna Yoga Teacher in 2015 after being trained by Shri Yogi Hari (200H RYT). He's also a Thai Yoga Massage therapist as the connection of body, mind and breath is vital in yoga.
In 2016 he followed a:
- Yin Yoga Teacher Training to bring Yin Yoga into his classes.
- Children Yoga and Mindfulness teacher training.

He's so proud to be able to share Sampoorna Yoga Joy, Bliss and Happiness with his students. Regular practice and teaching allows him to achieve balance and remain happy and positive in life.

He's very grateful to be part of the inspiring team of teachers at the Sampoorna Yoga Studio () and Daya Yoga team () in Brussels.


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