Dave Gardner

South Africa
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I live the simple life, extraordinarily


Average: 4.7 of 5 stars

6 Reviews

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Dave has a real passion for what he teaches. He focuses on movement and alignment. I love the fact that his classes have a "workshop" feel. It allows a student at any level to gain more insight into the body.

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Huge changes in body shape and profile
Doesn't push u beyond ur capacity

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Great Teacher

Dave is really smart, keen to learn new things and focused. He progresses very quickly not only with his own practice but also with his teaching ability. He is more experianced than most instructors I have encountered even though he has not been doing yoga for as long because he is so good at learning and understanding the full spectrum of what yoga has to offer. He is great at combining what he has learnt and teaching a practise that is most beneficial to his students. I have learnt so much from Dave. I've achieved so much benefits from yoga because Dave's teaching allows me to improve and practise yoga everyday, injury free, and also keeps me interested to continue on this wonderful journey.

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Dave emanates sincerity and love in his yoga teachings. He is a committed follower and proponent of internationally-acclaimed yoga practitioner, Simon Borg-Olivier, whose dynamic Yoga Synergy style blends yoga postures in a flowing dance-like sequence, tailored to derive the core benefits without the risk of causing unnecessary strains on the body. The approach is subtle and aesthetic, whilst at the same time physically and mentally challenging.

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Dave is in synergy

Dave teaches a style of yoga called Synergy, which was also taught by my old Cape Town teacher, Jim Harrington. So, I've had a lot of exposure to it. Dave, using the Synergy style, approaches exercise from a completely different perspective - essentially trying to make movement patterns easier because you learn to do them with more body flow and more efficient muscle coactivation.


Dave teaches extremely well, helping students to understand the concepts before putting them into practice with his fluent leading style.

I would recommend Dave to anyone who is new to yoga or to exercise as a whole. Equally, I would challenge anyone who thinks they know their body or can effectively 'use' their body to go along and find out if that is true!

Good luck my friend - you have an influential career ahead of you.

Ian Craig
Exercise Physiologist and Strength & Conditioning Specialist

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
From Taryn

I always enjoy your classes. Very informative & unique. Positive, calm energy.
Thank you.