David Aveiro


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David was born in Madeira in 1979, he is one of the volunteers responsible for the genesis of Ananda Marga in Madeira and the current president of the Board of Prabháta Association representing this Yoga movement in Madeira. He began regular practice of Yoga in 2002, having started his training in Ananda Marga Yoga in Lisbon in 2003. Since the end of 2004 he has been dedicated to the teaching of Ananda Marga Yoga and the coordination of various projects of this movement on the island of Madeira. In terms of professional activity, he is an Assistant Professor at the Exact Sciences and Engineering Centre of the University of Madeira. His research interests include organizational engineering and organizational change. His teaching interests include organizational engineering, database management systems and decision support systems. He holds a MSc and a PhD in Computer Science and Information Systems Engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico of the University of Lisbon, Portugal. More details in his academic web page:


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