David Bulger

Panama City Beach, FL
United States

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I first began my yoga journey shortly after exiting the US Navy. Experiencing both chronic nerve and joint pain throughout my body from rigorous training in the military, while also undergoing severe depression, it was only after the trial and error of numerous therapeutic options did I realize it was my yoga practice which remained the one true constant. The more my physical and psychological pain dissipated, the more I felt compelled to share this tool of healing with the world.
After practicing and learning the Ashtanga yoga method under the guidance of Peter Snyder, a member of the One Heart family, I ventured down to Miami in order to participate in Miami Life Center's 200hr Ashtanga Intensive program with renowned teachers Kino McGregor and Tim Feldmann. It is my belief that each and every individual can benefit greatly from a consistent yoga practice, and more importantly everyone has the potential to begin this journey today in discovering peace of mind and a renewed vitality.


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