David Gallaher

Fort Myers, FL
United States
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Yayso Yoga, a new form of yoga that improves physical strength and balance while also developing clarity, focus, confidence, and self-acceptance, is now being offered in Fort Myers Gung Fu Institute.

David Gallaher, Grandmaster of Gung Fu Institute has been personally groomed by some of the best yogis in the world. He has been leading yoga, fitness and martial arts programs in Fort Myers for 20 years. He developed Yayso Yoga because he saw gaps in traditional yoga styles and wanted to teach a form of yoga that is more personalized. Yaso Yoga is based on the eight "limbs of yoga" with a clear connection to Ayuvedic theory. This allows participants to gain the full therapy of yoga. Yayso Yoga concentrates on three main attributes: mental, physical and spiritual. Gallaher combined traditional yoga and other fitness theorycreating a fusion yoga that promotes physical fitness and emotional growth while also being appropriate for both children and adults at any fitness level.

"My goal is to have my students physically and spiritually energized; to actively use their core to attain strength and balance, and also to access higher levels of awareness through the alignment of body, breath, and mind," says Gallaher. He believes yoga is too often treated as a passive activity, both physically and mentally, and is often viewed as merely a boring stretching class. "Yayso Yoga means 'God Yoga' and is rooted in the spiritual realm. My classes teach the importance of connecting the mind with the body so that there is a balance of "chi" (life energy).”

Yayso also incorporates Thai yoga. This fusion of ancient arts is a wonderful way to relate to the body as a whole. It also will help free ourselves from negativity, personal stress, and the noise of the world." Gallaher adds, "My main goal and focus is to help people wake up from their physical and spiritual slumber and tune into the Universe's blessings."

The Gung Fu Institute is offering morning and evening Yayso Yoga sessions as stand-alone classes.

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