David Marques

United Kingdom

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I have been practicing Yoga for 13 years, exploring and enjoying different styles of Yoga. After my first visit at the “International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre”, London, I decided to become a Yoga teacher. From an eclectic movement background in Yoga, Pilates, and Fitness, I have personalized my teaching approach giving full attention and respect to the human body.

Committed to the idea that Yoga travels beyond the idea of being just a physical practice, I have successfully brought my dedicated yogis to a new level of consciousness (union of Body, Mind and Soul) fitness and personal satisfaction.

Dynamic, ambitious, enthusiasm, vibrant, influential are some of the words that describe my character and I feel I could be a great asset to your team, as I always bring my energy, humour, passion and philosophy to every class I teach.

Experienced in the Sivananda/Hatha method, my aim is to provide quality teaching of Yoga. This is Hatha Yoga with a difference; classes are both invigorating and uplifting, the loosening and strengthening of muscles giving a feeling of confidence, self-esteem and the sensation of being in control of your body and mind. I believe that “with Yoga we discover that the body is the temple and the postures are the prayers”.

I have recently encountered a new fusion of yoga, which I believe to be a great tool to any yoga practice: Clubbell Yoga, a unique concept of intelligent movement, strength, anatomical alignment and breath that can able people to empower their practice, enhancing physical and mental health. Clubbells are a unique prop that promotes muscle activation in the shoulder girdle muscles, postural muscles and core to keep it steady during the yoga practice.

I like the energy that is created when people come together with a shared aspiration to personal growth, kindness, peace and meditative inquiry. It is for me a privilege to be able to facilitate Yoga and meditation classes to groups and/or in private.


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