David Turner

San Clemente, CA
United States

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I began using some yoga postures to stretch before sporting activities like, mountain biking, hiking, skiing or playing ball. In 2006, I took my first yoga class at a studio and loved it. Over the next few years I noticed as did others, how doing and practicing yoga seemed to bring me much more pleasure than work in the IT field that I was working in. I had talked about wanting to teach for a while and finally decided, after having hip surgery (2008), and with a lot of loving support, to move forward to take and complete my first 200-hour certification in 2012 and subsequently completing my 300-hour certification in 2015 at the Yoga Bungalow.
When guiding, a yoga practice I always feels hopeful, because I believe that all changes begin with the smallest of movements or steps and that anyone who decides to undertake any form of yoga practice is open to and looking for some form of positive change in his or her life.
I love the fact that whenever someone takes part in the practice of yoga no matter the level or the type of practice they get to enjoy all of the benefits of yoga.


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