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David Yogasana started his yogic journey in Portugal, Lisbon, with a community of Hatha classes. This was mostly a way of complementing his career as a contemporary dancer at the time.

After moving to Thailand, David was first introduced to Ashtanga Yoga where his true yoga identity started to take shape. However, it wasn’t until he moved to Koh Phangan and completed his Yoga Alliance Teacher Training that he decided it was time to share his passion with students.

David has had the opportunity to study with a variety of teachers worldwide. His classes are challenging, yet lighthearted, with a focus on transformation.

David would like to share the same vitality, happiness, and passion with his students the same way he has cultivated in his own experiences every time he practices yoga.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

6 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Great yoga teacher

During my semester abroad I took a weekly yoga class with David. This truly was one of my highlights during my semester. David is very skilled in teaching Yoga and he does it with lots of passion. He makes his classes very personal and always helps you with the poses and with any question you could have. David truly is one of the most energetic people I have met and he shares all of his energy with his students aswel as his passion for yoga.
I could have never imaged the process i made during David classes, even though it is a group class he still manages to make sure every process is personal!

David YogasanaMarch 25, 2015
Awesom, energetic people!

Thanks for your review, Khuloud! How often I think of those times in the yoga room with you guys... From the warmup to the savasana time! Really looking forward to seeing you guys again and keep enjoying this yogic journey!! :)

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Amazing Yoga Teacher

I tried yoga with David for 3 month during my semester abroad in Thailand and it was an amazing experience.
I already had yoga classes back home, but they are not comparable with the awesome experience I had in Thailand.
It was great to see the progress we all had during the 3 month and David was always encouraging and helping us to reach 'the next level'. When I started I would have never imagined that I will be able to do a headstand after such a small period of time.


I must say, that David's yoga classes made my time in Thailand even more special and that I was always waiting for my next yoga class, even when I just left the gym room.
Therefore I can highly recommend David's classes and would love to attend them again, because so far I wasn't able to find a better yoga teacher back home in Germany. So if you are lucky and live close by, attend those classes people, you will not be disappointed!

David YogasanaMarch 10, 2015
Great group of international students!

You're already in the next level, dear Svenja! Always eager to try and experiment!! Hope we can all meet again in any corner of this beautiful world and keep enjoying Life!! xoxo

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Yoga Review

David has a natural ability to engage people in his yoga classes regardless of levels. He ensures that everybody in his class is given equal attention adding to his professionalism. David is one of the most dedicated yoga teachers I've ever met and feedback from those who have attended his classes is always of the highest praise.

David YogasanaMarch 10, 2015
The most dedicated yogi

Thank you, Colin, for such touching words! I don't honestly know where I would stand If I hadn't met you! You have inspired and motivated me to keep this journey and I will be always grateful for that! Take care, amigo! Will see you soon! xoxo

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Great yoga teacher !

hi, my name Is Sophie and i am the manager of a detox center in Phuket. David was one of our yoga teachers, giving 2 classes per week to our guests. All the feedback were awesome. He Is a really good teacher and made our guests love yoga. Our guests have different levels, from beginner to expert. David succeeded to make the perfect class for the mixed levels. Thank you for your Great job with us. You are always welcome to Work again with us.

David YogasanaMarch 10, 2015
Atsumi Retreat

Chère Sophie, muchas gracias!! It was such a pleasure to step in @Atsumi! You make Atsumi unique and special! Looking forward to work with you and the Atsumi team soon again!

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Perfect teacher for beginners

I made my first yoga experience in Thailand with David as my teacher. For 4 months I've been able to learn from and get inspired by him. He's working superprofessional, has incredible skills and enables everyone to improve in very big steps, according to his way of teaching individually although it has been group-lessons. His experience and skills are awesome, impressive and very motivating, as he always knows how to share his knowledge and teaches how to reach the same level one day.


He challenged hard to beat the own limits every lesson but left space for everyone to go on their own pace at the same time, what was a perfect mixture for big improvements in Yoga.

In my case as a former footballer I brought some serious injuries from the past and missing flexibility with me. I've been sure that I will never reach certain levels or be able to do certain poses, but David motivated me easily to never give up on weaknesses and led everyone with limitations on whatever knees, shoulders or hips to gently work on those areas. He showed wide knowledge about how to work on sensitive spots and after just a few lessons limitations belonged to the past. Yoga with David allowed me to heal on my body what was a problem before for years.

His way of teaching created a massive fire for yoga in me and his inspiration is still a big part of my everyday practice although I haven't been able to see him for months. To have him as a teacher changed my relationship to my body, helped me to improve in so many ways and kind of inspired my life! His super friendly and happy personality even exceeds his talents as a teacher! I can fully recommend to learn from him.

David YogasanaMarch 10, 2015
Awesome group of people!!

Thank you so much for your words, สิงโต เยอรมัน!! Hope we can practice again the future!!

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Yoga with a purpose

David is a passionate professional at heart. He takes up yoga for himself to nourish his life. He has years of teaching experience in his pocket so even before finishing his 200 YTT he already knew how to share his passion of yoga with whomever was willing to take it.
His background in dance makes very nice flavor in his guidance. Graceful & detail oriented. He has quite a few acrobatics trick too show off too if you're kind! ^_^

David YogasanaMarch 10, 2015

Gracias, Ñaña Macaquinha!! Hope soon we can go back to have a BLAST by the beach so I can keep learning all your skills and tricks!! :)