David Zoltowski

Auburn Hills, MI
United States

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Dave is a Personal Trainer who practices and teaches yoga. He is a walking and breathing encyclopedia of all knowledge regarding the body, how it works and how it can be repaired.
P90X was the system that brought Dave into his yoga practice, having to quit a DVD workout a client loaned him half-way through! If anything, Dave loves a challenge and walked next door to the Center for Yoga and took his first class with Jonny Kest in 2007 and “took to it like a fish to water”. Going to classes all over the metro area before committing to teacher training at the Center for Yoga, Dave also took an anatomy workshop with Paul Grilley. It was in that workshop that a light-bulb went off, illuminating how different each human body was and how each body needed to be worked with in it’s on way.
Along with the book study and classes, Dave also was found on his mat 15 hours a week! Upon completion, it was highly suggested that he sit in Vipassana meditation, where he sat in Brighton for 10 days in August, 2009.
From the Center for Yoga in Ann Arbor, the YMCA in Detroit, Breath Yoga in Bloomfield Hills and private classes everywhere, Dave has entranced his students with his humor, campy music and love of life (hence, all those tattoos). Dave spent 2 years as a Personal Trainer and yoga teacher for LifeTime Fitness from 2011 – 2013.
When Dave is not on the mat, in the studio or other people’s homes, he loves to eat, garden, watch YouTube and research all things physical. He lives in Auburn Hills and his car (), always willing to roll out his mat at a moment’s notice.
Dave loves life, makes people feel comfortable laughing at themselves while challenging their minds and bodies to horizons that they did not even know existed. Teaching at Village Yoga has inspired him to settle down, become part of the community and teaching what he loves from the heart.