Davide Majer

Venezia VE

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"I wasn’t that I found yoga, it’s was yoga that found me.” that’s how I like to respond to whoever asks why I started to practice this discipline.

As soon as I came into contact with yoga I became fascinated by the possibilities of exploring the mind by way of the body. Thanks to my knowledge of anatomy and physiology I learned from the foundations the benefits that yoga has on the body from a scientific stand point. (slant)

I continued the study of yoga in Italy and Europe where I attended various ashrams and schools to deepen my understanding of various styles of yoga. I earned diplomas for teaching and became a yoga Instructor by taking intensive courses at the Ashman of Villa Vrindavana under the guidance of Jacopo Ceccarelli specializing in the style of Anukalana.

My course of study in this field continues to evolve and develop. I have a curious mind and lively spirit which leads me to continue taking courses in Italy and abroad to better understand the benefits of each style of yoga.


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