Davin Jones

United Kingdom
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Davin divides his time teaching worldwide at international Yoga retreats through a company called Kanga Wellbeing Events. He has taught in countries such as Croatia, Malaysia, India, and Kenya. He is based in London, United Kingdom where he teaches at Yogarise Peckham and Stretch in east London. Amongst this, Davin teaches yoga courses at corporate companies, numerous music festivals throughout the summer months and private sessions to high profile businessmen. He continues to work closely with Emma Bonnici (Founder of Kanga Yoga) in all Kanga events including teacher training courses as well as advertising the Kanga brand.

His Yoga background is based from the traditional Yoga styles of Hatha, Shivananda, Ashtanga and Iyengar. Davin’s passion of yoga has given him motivation, inspiration and patience. He truly believes yoga will change your life and bring health and inner peace. He encourages practitioners to be humble and graceful during yoga and is focused on guiding practitioners through their practice safely, with careful adjustments through the use of breath. His yoga journey has provided him with a new direction in life, and would love to spread the knowledge and essence of yoga throughout the world.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

6 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
An Inspirational Teacher who is truly passionate about Yoga

I first met Davin about a year ago when he started some classes provided by my gym at work.
Prior to this, over a number of years I had tried yoga numerous times at drop in classes in London and in Reading and every time, I found the classes to be uninspiring, hard to grasp with little connection. I simply didn't get it despite reading and hearing so much about the benefits of yoga.


Having had Davin teach Yoga for a year now, I realise, looking back, that a lot of it was down to the quality of teachers and teaching that was provided.

I can honestly say Davin is the most inspiring teacher I have ever come across. He is dedicated to his cause and his style of teaching is very thorough.

At the beginning of each class he explains two new poses that will be incorporated into that week's class, demonstrating the pose, explaining the intention of the pose, its benefits and emphasising where particular focus should be placed to ensure correct alignment.

Davin places a lot of emphasis all aspects of yoga; not just on posture but also breathing, and energy flow.
His style is vey attentive and he ensures that you are doing the correct posture with frequent adjustment where necessary. There are a couple of people in the class who for medical reasons cannot do certain postures and Davin always goes out of his way to show alternatives for them provide the same benefit.
His classes make you feel as a group that you are all on a journey together

I finally get Yoga, and it's pretty much down to Davin. His classes are the highlight of my week. He is vey inspiring and has made me want to take my practice as far as it can go.
I would thoroughly recommend him.

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Yoga as it should be

I've been doing yoga for 15 years in various forms, with various teachers in various parts a of the world. Davin is probably the best teacher I've had the privilege of working with. He's inspirational, motivational, patient, supportive, knowledgable. He's clearly dedicated to his practise and seems to want nothing more from life than to help people get what they need from their practise - regardless of their experience or ability. He has a knack of knowing when to push you and when to let you be. He has a good blend theory, practise and spirituality. At this moment in my life he's doing a great job of helping me keep mind, body and soul together. :-)

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Just awesome!

Davin is an amazing yoga teacher and is able to demonstrate every pose. He has a very holistic approach and balances the physical and mental. he is a very inspiring and caring teacher. i can't recommend him enough.

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Amazing teacher!

I have practiced yoga religiously every week for the last 12 years. My practice plateaued probably after 4 or 5 years and I have sat safely at the back of class repeating the same poses ever since. It has been incredibly frustrating and after many years of this I finally bit the bullet and decided to seek out private lessons.


I was lucky to connect with Davin last year and have been receiving weekly private lessons and also attending his weekly classes at Yogarise, Peckham. Firstly, Davin's personal practice is incredibly impressive and it is this that makes him one of the best teacher's I've ever been to. I've been haphazardly trying to master a crow for the past 5 years and Davin got me there in 2 weeks. His knowledge of both the anatomy and the philosophy of the asana practice has helped me tremendously to get to know my own body. His classes are always just the right amount of Yin and Yang. His group classes cater to all levels and I always come away feeling lighter of foot and lighter of mind. I couldn't recommend a better teacher and I hope to have any more years of practice with Dav. I could write plenty more but you'll just have to go to one of his classes to see for yourself :)

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

I first met Davin from attending one of his yoga classes in my company gym, after a couple of years of break from yoga and a few sports injuries. I was impressed with the way he leads his classes progressively and attentively, which helped me to get interested in yoga again and get back into practice more seriously, so I began to take one-on-one lessons with him.


While I enjoyed attending the group yoga classes, it is my experience with Davin in his private lessons that really helped me to learn the correct techniques and the mindset. He has such extensive knowledge in yoga that we cover most any topic from asana, yoga sultra philosophy, meditation to pranayama and beyond in every private lesson. Each lesson is well thought out, clearly delivered, dynamic and interesting. He gives me homework to do as well, and makes me understand that it is essential to devote time to practise daily on my own, as we build each new class from what I learned from his previous lesson. My health, flexibility and mindset have improved so much from my lessons with him.

I highly recommend attending a class with Davin, whether it be a group yoga class or a private lesson. I wish you enjoy discovering and practising yoga as much as I love and appreciate his classes.

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I met Davin by chance less than a year ago but he has swiftly become a most important person in my life. Although he teaches classes all around London, I take private lessons with him in my home. Not only is Davin an extremely accomplished practitioner of yoga, he is an excellent and patient teacher, clear in his instruction and meticulous about safe positioning and posture. Each lesson is an education,as he has a wealth of knowledge concerning anatomy and physiology. He completely embodies the benefits of yoga practice having transformed himself and his life through yoga. He is a very inspiring young human, powerful, elegant , poised , humble. I cannot praise him highly enough. Best random meeting ever.