Dawn "Devi" Hamilton

Newmarket, NH
United States
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I'm a yoga therapist, which means I blend the healing art of yoga with the life science of Ayurveda. I can help with many types of chronic pain, but I'm particularly attuned to rotator cuff injuries. I used to play volleyball, so I literally have felt your pain. I also specialize in partnering with people who struggle with depression and anxiety, grief or addiction to show them how to feel better using yoga's ancient techniques. What is Yoga Therapy? Most of my YT clients have never done yoga in their lives. A YT session is nothing like a group yoga class! After a lengthy postural assessment and a lifestyle questionnaire, I teach people tools to alleviate their chronic pain, reduce their stress and ease the occasional letdowns of life. I teach folks how and when to use them so they can enjoy their lives more fully. I also show people how yoga is a spiritual technology, to enrich their own spiritual or religious beliefs, or to simply reconnect with themselves. We can go deep into philosophy or not, it's your choice! I don't preach. I can act as a spiritual guide or mentor, especially if one is struggling in this area but only if that's what you want. I've worked with clients who were atheists, agnostic, Jewish, Buddhist and Christian. What I care about is helping my clients to realize their own uniqueness and teaching them how to nourish themselves deeply, to restore their own power and spirit.

I've been practicing yoga and meditation since 1999 when I needed a way to calm my over active mind. I'd been an athlete, so my body was healthy but my emotions and energy were all over the place. Discovering yoga was like finding a miracle drug, only with positive side effects! Yoga kept my body toned, brightened my mood and balanced my emotions and energy. Sharing this secret is my greatest joy!

I spent 18 years as a public servant and clean water activist in Florida and Washington, , where I negotiated positive changes in public policy to protect and conserve lovable critters such as whales, dolphins, sea turtles, fish and their habitats as well as to protect people from dangerous toxins in our water. In 2006, I traveled the world, soaking up its cultures, customs, traditions and learning about yoga and the mind. Blending this multicultural wisdom, I offer the lessons of yoga to heal others and help with their challenges. I am blessed to have lived near the soothing waters of Maui, the peaceful forests of my home state of New Hampshire and many other amazing places.

Devi has trained over 1000 hours with master teachers such as Nichala Joy Devi and Dr. Marc Halpern. She is a Certified Yoga Therapist by the International Association of Yoga Therapists, an advanced LifeForce Yoga® Practitioner under Amy Weintraub, a Sivananda certified Siromani by Swami Sita, and a grateful student of vinyasa master Tom Gillette and yogi goddess Jennifer Lynn. Devi is also a certified Strategic Intervention Coach through the Robbins-Madanes Coaching Academy and is currently completing her Ayurvedic training through the American Vedic Institute run by David Frawley.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

4 Reviews

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