I aim to provide a rounded approach to the practice and teaching of Yoga and Pilates.
Through the focus of core development and full body alignment our quality of life can be improved as strength, flexibility and daily movement is improved. These improvements often lead to reduced daily stress levels, reduced muscular pain, improved sleep and nutritional habits and increased feelings of wellness and vitality.
Through a range of classes and workshops I aim to make the practice of Pilates and Yoga accessible to all regardless of age, gender or ability.

With a Masters Degree in Sports and Health Sciences, Yoga and Pilates qualifications and over 17 years experience of working within the sports, fitness and health industry I aim to bring knowledge, experience and passion to each class, workshop or training course that is provided by Core Elements.

I currently teach Ashtanga Yoga, Hot Vinyasa Yoga and Pilates classes in Swindon and Malmesbury.

I also provide Anatomy for Yoga CPD training workshops in combination with Sally Parkes Yoga, which is accredited by Yoga Alliance UK and Massage Therapy and Sports Massage Therapy training courses in Swindon, Wiltshire which are accredited by the Sports Therapy Association (STA).
For further information about Sports Massage Therapy training courses please visit my website:


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